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  • My message to Professional Services firms...

    My message to Professional Services firms...

    How many of your customers do you feel are loyal and committed to stick with your services? Deep down do you have an inkling that some may be seeking to move their business elsewhere? In this business climate overheads and managing costs are under the microscope constantly.

  • Order Takers v Order Creators

    I suspect your business had previously been doing well. Those sales teams and business developers that were shooting the lights out of targets and being handsomely rewarded in the good times, are now finding sales hard to come by! Ok, the markets tough your say, but the phones just aren’t ringing and there’s next to Zero sales at all now… What’s happening? Help!

  • Sales loves Marketing .. True!

    Sales loves Marketing .. True!

    The modern B2B buyer will research and monitor potential suppliers through social media platforms, websites, blogs, local media etc. On average, 74% of buyer research is completed before any initial contact. All carried out while businesses have no idea they even exist yet. 

  • Absoft - Sales Training delivered - Testimonial

    Absoft engaged Cameron Carnegie to help us review our sales and marketing processes and ensure we were operating to best practice to maximise the skills within our team. Through several interactive sessions with Mervyn Stanley, we as a team explored our strengths and how best to present ourselves to the market.

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