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  • Sales and Business Development Accelerator training course!

  • Whats your "Value proposition" ?

    Whats your
  • Surviving and Thriving!!

    Surviving and Thriving!!

    Cameron Carnegie will shortly be launching a series of Seminars and Training courses with “Surviving and Thriving” at the heart of all our content. Yes, we will consider Finance and HR, but we aim to take a detailed look at Strategic Development for businesses and the advantages that can be gained by working in new areas or by collaborating with others. We look at case studies of companies who have sustained themselves in difficult times by either continually evolving, or by reinventing themselves in another sector. We outline the importance of proactive business development in driving growth, with sales campaigns being fully aligned with a marketing plan that incorporates essential platforms via Social Media.

  • Strategically developing your business.... just like Madonna!

    Strategically developing your business.... just like Madonna!

    We believe it is and have just completed scoping out a workshop entitled Business Planning and Strategic Development. During the session we consider the essential role HR and Finance currently plays in the running of the business, but really focus on its strategic development. We look at case studies from the likes of Tesco, Starbucks and Madonna!

  • Check your measurements!

  • Plan to win!!

    It’s sometimes when you’re half-way through either the calendar or fee earning/sales year, you notice that one or more of your team isn’t delivering. You want to correct the situation, but you have nothing on paper setting out the person’s targets. Like many businesses/, you may be making a common error – trying to run a business without a sales plan.

  • Your ego's writing cheques your body can't cash Maverick!

    Making promises you can’t keep

  • Sort the Prospects from the Suspects!

    Sort the Prospects from the Suspects!

  • It's sometimes a marathon NOT a sprint!

    It’s sometimes a marathon NOT a sprint!

  • It's not about your needs... Focus on the Customer!

    It’s not about your needs… Focus on the Customer!

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