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  • Why should we buy from YOU?

    Why should we buy from YOU?

  • Planning your training needs for 2018? Check our Training Testimonials!

    Planning your training needs for 2018? Check our Training Testimonials!

    I used Mervyn and the Cameron Carnegie group to deliver a sales course for my team and was delighted with the feedback I received and importantly the step change in the team’s thinking based on Mervyn’s approach to the event. Mervyn quickly assessed the level of the team and adjusted the content and pitch accordingly which was recognised by the attendees who all felt challenged yet assured throughout. A measure of the output from the event was the positive buzz during the elevator speeches which continued when back in the office environment in the days ahead. I would have no hesitation in using Cameron Carnegie in the future and would recommend Mervyn to enhance personal and team development in any organisation. Martin Charles, Aquatic Engineering and Construction Ltd.

  • Order Takers v Order Creators

    I suspect your business had previously been doing well. Those sales teams and business developers that were shooting the lights out of targets and being handsomely rewarded in the good times, are now finding sales hard to come by! Ok, the markets tough your say, but the phones just aren’t ringing and there’s next to Zero sales at all now… What’s happening? Help!

  • Sales loves Marketing .. True!

    Sales loves Marketing .. True!

    The modern B2B buyer will research and monitor potential suppliers through social media platforms, websites, blogs, local media etc. On average, 74% of buyer research is completed before any initial contact. All carried out while businesses have no idea they even exist yet. 

  • Over delivering to win new clients!

    We understand that the most important thing to our clients is our ability to deliver. Deliver that Sales Training course, deliver that Sales Audit, reposition and restructure the Sales Team and in the process over deliver on the customers expectation. Not leave a project until there is a clear and transparent change in performance. That’s what builds a reputation and thats what wins repeat business.

  • Projects delivered = Happy Customers!

    Mervyn has brought a high level of engagement, professionalism and support to our business which we have rarely found in any other consultant. From our first meeting and throughout our association he has been extremely supportive, very pro-active and more importantly he has delivered on the goals and objectives of our project. Elaine Sutherland, Sutherlands of Portsoy

  • Plan to win!!

    It’s sometimes when you’re half-way through either the calendar or fee earning/sales year, you notice that one or more of your team isn’t delivering. You want to correct the situation, but you have nothing on paper setting out the person’s targets. Like many businesses/, you may be making a common error – trying to run a business without a sales plan.

  • Your ego's writing cheques your body can't cash Maverick!

    Making promises you can’t keep

  • Sort the Prospects from the Suspects!

    Sort the Prospects from the Suspects!

  • It's sometimes a marathon NOT a sprint!

    It’s sometimes a marathon NOT a sprint!

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