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Order Takers v Order Creators

It’s September. Sales are down or behind on previous trading periods. Taking a forward view of sales & BD for the final calendar quarter of 2017 and it has little in the pipeline that convinces you that targets will be hit!

Sound familiar?

I suspect your business had previously been doing well. Those sales teams and business developers that were shooting the lights out of targets and being handsomely rewarded in the good times, are now finding sales hard to come by! Ok, the markets tough your say, but the phones just aren’t ringing and there’s next to Zero sales at all now… What’s happening? Help!

In this situation we find the sales diagnostic pretty straightforward. Sitting down with senior management the conversation goes a little like.. There’s no easy way to tell you this, but your sales team previously wasn’t selling – They were taking orders! They were simply being REACTIVE with no requirement to be really PROACTIVE. Even worse they weren’t “out there” networking and building relationships to increase their contact book and position your product/service with as wide a section of your client base as possible.

So, if you want to get back to being a “sales” successful business, it’s all change. Successful businesses have proactive sales & business development functions. You need Order Creators NOT Order Takers.

Do you recognise the difference?

Order takers

• Sell today.
• Reactive.
• Listen to the customer and responds to requests.
• Takes orders.
• Use order pads.
• Controlled by the customer.

Or perhaps something a bit more sales aggressive? Something where the proactive efforts of the Sales or BD person may actually reap some reward. Order Creators look a little like….

• Engage the customer in business discussions.
• Asks questions.
• Aren’t controlled by the customer.
• Don’t have order pads.
• Focussed on what the customer needs.
• Look to build a long term relatioinship
Our Sales and BD training courses go into great detail about recognising the differences between the two. We warn against complacency and the need to constantly be prospecting and looking for new business. Our Consultancy clients are repeatedly advised on not allowing these mistakes to happen and importantly to ensure they employ the right type of sales and BD people.

Our Sales Audits are typically free, they last around 1/2 a day and are followed up with open, honest and frank overview of how we find the business in terms of Sales & Business Development positioning. In many cases we can turnaround situations where the business has become reactive to sales by changing mindsets and introducing good quality regular training that engages and motivates.

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