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Over delivering to win new clients!

When Actions speak louder…

For us at Cameron Carnegie it’s never been about the soundbites!

We understand that the most important thing to our clients is our ability to deliver. Deliver that Sales Training course, deliver that Sales Audit, reposition and restructure the Sales Team and in the process over deliver on the customers expectation. Not leave a project until there is a clear and transparent change in performance. That’s what builds a reputation and thats what wins repeat business.

It’s this ideology that helps us win some great testimonials, just like this one from Rob Hamilton, CEO of Dynamic Edge.

“We engaged with Cameron Carnegie in November 2015 to provide formal Business Development/Sales training for the Dynamic Edge sales team (5 staff). Mervyn delivered the day-long training session directly following a structured 32 point agenda. It’s rare to find an organisation now that will deliver fundamental sales training of this type. The training covered the core elements that anyone working in a sales & business development role should follow.

Merv even followed up with every team member 2 weeks later to support them on their 90-day contact plan and answer any queries.

I’d thoroughly recommend them, particularly for organisations that have identified a need to formalise their Sales & Business development process”.

Thanks Rob, it’s this endorsement that wins the next new client and not us waxing lyrical about what we CAN or WILL do!

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