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Sales loves Marketing .. True!

Sales loves Marketing .. True!

A strange romance given the wariness each has had of the other over the years, however all that’s now changed and the two now look to be inseparable for some time to come! 

The modern B2B buyer will research and monitor potential suppliers through social media platforms, websites, blogs, local media etc. On average, 74% of buyer research is completed before any initial contact. All carried out while businesses have no idea they even exist yet. Customers therefore arrive at your business well informed and armed with the majority of the information they need to complete a sale. This means sales prospects may be much more qualified when they contact you. However, the level of detail and information that these prospects do require at this point will be much greater – they’ve done the overview research themselves, now they need answers to specific questions.

Whereas before, sales people would have an adequate knowledge of products and services, now they need to be detail orientated and able to answer more specific and technical queries from buyers. The sales generalist is dead. Long live the sales specialist!  

Great content marketing is key to winning customer engagement. This can drive traffic to your Website and provide you with an analytic straight to a browsers LinkedIn profile! Marketing then passes this warm lead on to Sales. Sales can then choose how to engage with the customer. Sales loves warm leads and so Sales loves Marketing! 

In Short… 

The modern buyer is adopting new digital mediums of information, empowering themselves through research and making team decisions.

The way that your B2B sales & marketing teams design and manage their sales process will have to change dramatically to accommodate these better informed buyers. It’s going to be essential that in order to be successful you begin targeting multiple different buyer profiles and engaging with buyers in new and innovative ways.

So what’s your digital game plan? How do you plan to merge Sales & Marketing to benefit your business and in turn increase revenue? 

We are currently working with a number of companies in this respect and would be happy to have a chat to see how we could help your business grow and develop. 

Get in touch. We’ll buy the coffee! 


P.S. I Love Sales! 

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