Cameron Carnegie offers a broad range of Sales and Business Development consulting services that support your strategies for change and growth. We specialise in practical work sessions designed to help you develop or redirect your drive for new or increased sales. Our services include:

  • Sales Effectiveness Analysis to identify sector opportunities for growth and ensure key stakeholders can asses those most likely to return the greatest profitability.
  • Selling Process Assessment to ensure an effective Sales process is in place and not one which acts as a barrier to growth. Ensuring all stakeholders involved in the sales process understand their role and its importance.
  • Sales Management Evaluation to support sales leaders drive team engagement and performance.
  • Salesperson Assessment to identify key strengths and weaknesses, redefine priorities if required and identify skill gaps for personal development.

You may already know where you want to focus, or you may need our expertise to help you sort through the challenges. Either way, we will help you pinpoint the issues and work with you to develop an approach that makes sense for you.

Each solution to a respective challenge should be defined with a solid implementation plan. We will work with you, on an interim basis to help drive the desired change.

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