Today, more than ever, marketing must play a key role in achieving overall company objectives. CEOs across all industries are determined to get more from marketing—and to measure the results. In this environment, marketers face several key questions:

  • How can we better align our marketing goals with the needs, objectives, and strategies of the overall business?
  • What is the best way to incorporate trends such as Social media, and develop viral/word-of-mouth concepts into our marketing efforts?
  • How can we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing activities?
  • How can we understand our “return on marketing investment” (ROMI) and adjust spend accordingly?

Marketing is about attracting attention, a call to action. It’s about keeping customers and prospects informed, letting people know about what you have to sell and doing so in a way that stands out from your competitors.

But how do you best engage and importantly fund this type of activity when you are a small, growing business? Many start-up businesses may have impressive marketing ideas, but they don’t have the cash to match. Cameron Carnegie believe that good marketing is possible even on the smallest of budgets, particularly if you focus on word of mouth which can cost nothing. If your product or service is outstanding, your customer service is exceptional and you deliver on your promises, your Clients could provide some of your most effective marketing for you. They’ll do this by recommending you to others and these recommendations can be a very powerful lead source. Social Media now plays a huge role in any marketing strategy and be really cost effective. It can be really useful in increasing your profile, showcasing your expertise in your given sector and creating a strong brand identity via positive marketing messages. Your website is key to your visibility and everyone should consider how best they implement a SEO strategy. Whilst pay per click can be successful it can also burn cash at an alarming rate. Many successful SEO strategies have been built on good website content, best use of keywords and being consistent in approach.

Lets get back to basics and remember the 4 P's..


What it is about your product or service that meets customers needs? What are those needs and wants? What problems does it solve? What are it’s unique or noteworthy characteristics?


How much will you charge for your product or service? What will the cost be to the customer?


What marketing and promotion tools will you use to communicate your core marketing messages? Via PR, advertising, sales, promotions, networking, telemarketing, online, via customer newsletters or direct mail?


Which location will you operate from? Where will your customer base be located? How convenient will buying from you be?

There may be areas or services you wish to develop or focus on but are unsure about how best to develop a marketing strategy to promote them. Cameron Carnegie will help you pinpoint the issues and work with you to develop an approach that makes sense for you. Agreeing on an appropriate solution to a respective challenge and putting in place an implementation plan to ensure best effect and value.

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